Monday, February 24, 2014

Golf Destination Wedding Plan for 2014

Couples who love the same sports have many opportunities to enjoy their leisure time together. Golf is one of the best choices because anyone can participate and enjoy it. Looking for some golf vacation destinations could be so considerable for couples who are planning for a memorable and fun wedding, who love golf at the same time.

There are a lot of ideas you may consider to achieve a very memorable wedding. You can take it to some beautiful golf resorts that have the advantage of being near a gorgeous coastline, or beautiful beaches that line the coast, or directly on a couple’s favorite fairway. You should consider a golf vacation destination that offers an award-winning golf experience for players that are of any level of expertise.

Below are some suggestions to achieve a fun golf-themed invitations and favors:
The couple may use a golf cart as their getaway vehicle and give the invited guests a golf-themed wedding favors. Bride and groom who plan a small, intimate destination wedding may regard a golf club as a give-away or a round of golf ball with a print of the couple’s name.
In fact, it is easy to integrate golf into an overall wedding theme. There are a lot of ways for awesome "save the date" cards and invitations. Start it off right with guests by sending green invitations. For the attire, it would always depend on the theme of the wedding. For this occasion, attire may be eccentric or delicate. The bride might want to wear a traditional white dress with a touch of some green accents in her dress and bouquet. For her soon-to-be husband, a matching green tie would be very fitting as well. Dresses in a vibrant shade of green for bridesmaids add some golf-themed touch to the event, while groomsmen may wear green vests and a little touch of green on their suits. Or the wedding party may be dressed with actual golf clothing, and if happened that the weather is sunny, they may wear golf visors and decorate the venue with golf clubs. To top it off, the flower girl can use a golf ball basket to hold her rose petals. And the ring bearer may be dressed something like a golf caddy.

A wedding at a golf club does not just allow the couples and their guests an experience of a golf vacation package but as well enjoy an amazing ceremony among the dazzling fairways of a golf course or any of the golf vacation destinations that a golf lover couple would want to go to. 

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