Thursday, January 12, 2012

Book A Golf Vacation In Palm Springs TODAY!

Without a doubt, Palm Springs, California is one of the most popular golf vacation destinations in the country. The almost year-round sunny weather – having only an average of 15 to 20 days of rain every year – makes it ideal for the sport thus has long been serving as the home of some of the best golf courses in the United States.

Apart from the idyllic weather, it is surrounded by some of the most stunning mountain views that make for the perfect backdrop. The dramatic desert setting also makes for some of the most interesting course terrains that mesh perfectly with golf layouts making the courses in Palm Springs both beautiful and challenging. Its being situated a mere 120 miles east of urban Los Angeles also makes it accessible for golfers who would want to stay close to Hollywood Country. Needless to say, Palm Springs is the go to place for epic golf vacations, with a whole array of signature courses to make the golfing experience extremely special.

A good number of the courses here bear the names of the industry's biggest and most renowned names as designers. Palm Springs is also the home of the famed PGA West courses: Stadium Course, Greg Norman Course, and the Jack Nicklaus Course.

PGA West – TPC Stadium Course
This course might just as well be called Home of the Tournaments, having served as the regular host of such momentous and most awaited golf competitions as The Skins game, the Bob Hope Chrysler Classic, the Liberty Mutual Legends of Golf and the PGA Grand Slam of Golf. Its design is too unique, too interesting, and too intriguing that even champions find it challenging. Shouldn't be surprising, the course was designed by Pete Dye, with his signature bunkering that at times border on being outrageous. 9 holes of the course play directly over water hazards, all the more making it extra challenging. And rightfully so, the course has been hailed as among the Top 100 Greatest Courses in the US by Golf Magazine.

PGA West – Greg Norman Course
Lying 40 feet below sea level and surrounded by huge terra cotta mountains, the PGA West Greg Norman Course could only be best described as majestic. The multi-colored wildflowers and the grasses of different shades of green all stand in perfect contrast with the reddish-gold glow of the surrounding desert. The course is a palette of colors – it is a treat to the senses to golfers who need to tackle one challenging hole after another.

PGA West – Jack Nicklaus Tournament Course
Golfers playing this Jack Nicklaus signature should arm themselves with versatility as it is more important here than any shotmaking skills they have. Each hole requires a unique strategy that the existing mindset on the first hole would prove obsolete right at the second hole and soon thereafter. It is one course that has a lot of drama, beauty, and challenge combined, and it is not for the faint of heart. Nicklaus closes the rounds at the double green 9th and 18th holes with a water crossing shot that could make or break a golfer's heart; good or bad scorecard regardless, it is sure to make any visit to Palm Springs unforgettable.

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