Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Orlando Nightlife, Top Five to Check Out!

During your Orlando golf vacation, hitting the links is one thing but what to do at night can be just as important - and often overlooked.

If you're traveling to Orlando with family, then Disney and Universal have enough to keep you busy every night, but if you're on a golf trip, then Chef Mickey's Buffet just isn't gonna cut it. Here are five can't miss nightlife spots for golfers in Orlando...

Blue Martini

Are you one of the 3 million golfers who has visited Orlando and wondered where Tiger Woods hangs out? Up until Thanksgiving 2009 when he went into hiding, that answer was Blue Martini, the hippest, coolest, swankiest mall bar in Florida.

Rumor has it golf's biggest star frequented the VIP room at this high-end martini bar at Millennia Mall. While a Tiger sighting isn't likely, Blue Martina is still an entertaining bar. It's Orlando's best showcase of people who dress and act like they're at least 10 years younger than they actually are.

Icebar Orlando

In Orlando, manufactured experiences aren't just at Disney and Universal, they're at bars too. Golfers looking for relief from the heat can cool off at Icebar Orlando, a 27-degrees-Fahrenheit watering hole where the glasses, bar and even the couches are 100-percent ice. The signature shot is Penquin Pizz and is taken out of an ice luge. Coat and golf rental is included in the $20 cover charge ($15 if you pre-pay online)

Corona Cigar Company

While the clientele is mostly male, if your foursome is full of cigar aficionados, the Corona Cigar Company is the best bet in Orlando. Once you get past the fact that it's in a strip mall - sadly, more than a few Orlando bars are - you'll be impressed with Corona's wide selection of cigars, including extremely rare vintage, pre-embargo, pre-Castro Cubans. Order a glass of wine and relax the bogeys away.

Season's 52

Because you've probably had more success crushing hot dogs than tee shots, perhaps your golf vacation is in need of a health intervention. Okay, well if that sounds boring keep in mind that Season's 52 is not only the healthiest restaurant in Orlando, but also one of the tastiest and liveliest.

The seasonally inspired menu is chock full of salads and fresh fish, and every item on the menu contains fewer than 500 calories. The dining area may be a bit formal for your golf foursome, but the large full-service bar is apropos for the social butterflies.

Ocean Prime

If you're in the mood to see or be seen, then throw on a Tommy Bahama shirt and make a beeline for Ocean Prime. Here you'll find a hearty mix of nearby Bay Hill residents and out-of-towners, both of which have money to spend and the cocktails to enjoy. The menu is surf and turf. The signature cocktail is the Cucumber Gimlet. It's the closest thing Orlando has to New York

In closing, Orlando isn't all about Disney and Universal - it simply is the best place in Florida for a group of golfers to enjoy fantastic golf, great nightlife and fantastic places to eat.

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  1. We go to Orlando to play golf each Winter and we like to go to Downtown Disney and Citywalk at Universal.
    We also go to the Milennia Mall, so we will check out the Blue Martini.