Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Rough Recovery

Here are a few tips from Tim Rafferty, Head Golf Pro at Troon Country Club, Scottsdale, Arizona.

* When the ball lies deep in the rough, the biggest problem often is overcoming the amount of grass that gets between the ball and the clubface. The key to executing this shot is to minimize the amount of grass and make the allowances for its effect.

* A steeper angle of approach will reduce the tendency to catch the grass too early in the forward swing. A large amount of grass cushions the blow. It also reduces clubhead speed and takes backspin off the ball.

* Aiming the body left, opening the clubface and playing the ball a bit forward in the stance will help create the loft and steeper approach angle needed to escape the grass.
Finally, if there is a great deal of rough or other trouble to carry before reaching the target, it might be wise to just play out into the fairway and avoid possibly having to hit the ball out of the rough again.

Keep these tips in mind and hopefully your next trip to the rough will go a little smoother.

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