Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Golf / Wine / Art

I've never been a big art guy, but that's all changed. There are two things I really enjoy in life, a good glass of Red Wine and Golf. Now I know that most guys will sit down and have a beer with their buddies after a round of golf - I've done the same. I really think there is nothing more relaxing than sitting outside in the late afternoon early evening with a glass of wine on a golf course.

Well, I met an individual out one night with my wife. We got to talking about what we do for a career and so on. When I told him that I sold golf packages, he proceeded to tell me about his own passion - ART. He has been painting very abstract art in his spare time over that last few years. He told me he painted golf and wine art. I know what your thinking, that's two of my great passions in life.
We proceed to see each other out at local establishments over the next few weeks. We had some people over our house one night and invited him to bring some of his paintings. I was blown away by the paintings he brought. They were basically golf and wine type abstract paintings. The paintings are along the line of Leroy Nieman type - really different and really cool.
I've bought some of his paintings for my house, as some of my friends have. If you enjoy Golf and Wine like I do - you owe it to yourself to check out his website - You will not be disappointed with the quality and type of art he has. If you have any questions or interest, please call 888.333.6103.
Oh, one last note - remember that one of my passions in golf - so check out our website,, or call 888.333.6103. My email is

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