Monday, April 30, 2007

Junk the Jet Phil!

Dear Phil;

You're very talented, but you can't keep flying that Gulfstream home at night after a tournament round such as at the Nissan Open flying home each night from L.A. to San Diego. Just this last week, you missed the Pro-Am in Dallas at the Byron Nelson Classic. The PGA Tour didn't disqualify you from the tournament, which now has all the other players riled up, as they would have been disqualified for the same infraction of the rules. Phil, you just changed coaches from Rick Smith to Butch Harmon. Now sell the Gulfstream on eBay already and work more on the game.

Joe Fann

1 comment:

  1. if you really knew the story on why phil missed thre Pro Am you'd would have..
    Phil was is another Arkansas helping a friend raise money for charity.
    Very bad weather in Dallas( I was there)stopped Phil from flying in Tuesday night. He was on the phone with the PGA commisioner explained the issue and commisioner approved.
    I am glad he spends his time helping charity, lets let him keep the Gulfstream.