Thursday, June 14, 2007

Hot Stix Opens new Performance Facility

Hot Stix has recently opened its new Performance Center located at Legend Trail Golf Course in North Scottsdale. The Performance Center is the most elite and advanced fitting experience in golf, and is absolutely the best fitting offered.

It is a four hour process which is basically separated into two parts. The first part is called Tour level Game fitting. This is a 6 six stage fitting that gets into set makeup and is the first part of the information gathering for the fitting. The six stages are driver, long game, mid game, scoring irons, short game, and putting. The second part of the fitting is the complete launch monitor analysis of your woods and irons and the putter fitting with the lasers and cameras.

The cost for this session is $795. The address where the course is located is 9462 East Legendary Lane in Scottsdale and the zip code is 85262.

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