Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Will Bill Energize Golf Industry?

Energy regulations signed by President Bush could give the Grand Strand's golf industry a boost, with more evening daylight hours translating into increased revenue at area courses. However, some Myrtle Beach course owners say the tradeoff of one less hour of light in the morning has the potential to hurt their bottom lines.

The Energy Act of 2005, among other things, extends daylight-savings time by four weeks each year beginning in 2007. Some Myrtle Beach area golf leaders say more daylight in the evening will let golfers stay on courses longer. especially during the peak spring season, This will add three weeks to daylight savings time in March and another week in November. While other golf course leaders feel that an extra hour of daylight in the evening means one less hour in the morning and the afternoon business will come at the cost of the higher priced morning rounds. For example- morning rounds between $85-$100 replays are usually a spur of the moment decision by a lot of groups for the cost of a $22.00 cart fee.

Fellow Golfers out there - Let me know: Friend or Foe?

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  1. I think it will be a great thing! I book golf groups in Northeast Florida and cannot wait until the change. Groups that play early book early anyway but the extra hour gives us time to book groups for extra play allowing them time to hit the F&B outlets for lunch and keeps them on the golf course later utilizing the Beverage carts!
    as far as the early morning light- maybe ground crews equipment can have headlights to allow them to cut early and get themoff of the course earlier and out of the heat!