Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Eagle Mountain - My overall favorite in Scottsdale

Played The Golf Club at Eagle Mountain last week, and it had been quite a while since I tee'd it up there. It only took me getting to the first tee to remember why it is still one of my all time favorite tracks.

#1, a 582 yard par 5 has a gradual slope downward from the tips all the way to the green - a solid tee shot, and you'll have a go at it in two. (I of course got on in regulation, then three yanked for a bogey...) Both #1 and #10 offer extraordinary views from elevated tees - it's worth stopping for a minute to get a photo op here... #10 is a true "3 shot" par 5 with water all the way down the left hand side. The biggest of hitters may have a chance to go at this green, but for me (a 14 handicapper), it's Driver, 7 iron, then wedge. A truly great par 5 - one of the best par 5's in the valley.

Another reason I love Eagle is that course designer Scott Miller was looking out for those of us who can't remember the last time we hit a bucket of balls. Most of the fairways there are "bowl shaped", so that even a seemingly errant tee shot often will bounce back down into the fairway, or at least get caught up in the rough without going OB. I think I actually only used 2 sleeves of balls all day. I don't know about you, but I have a hard time having fun when I get to the 7th or 8th tee, and have already hit 5 or 6 five dollar Pro V-1's into neverland....

In addition to a fantastic layout, and excellent conditions, (even in mid-August), the PEOPLE at Eagle Mountain make all the difference. Alot of the top rated courses like Eagle Mountain often have a "stuffy" feeling in the pro shop, and it seems as if the staff at other courses want you to feel as though you're lucky to be there. This is not the case at Eagle. You're always greeted with a warm smile and a "Welcome" from the guys behind the counter, the restaurant staff is exceptional, and the "Player Assistants" are nice guys who actually there to HELP YOU, rather than scowl at you if you're 7 minutes behind. It's refreshing to see the "Ranger" or "Player assistant" coming up behind you, only to give you a friendly wave as he passes through.

I've been playing alot of golf in Phoenix / Scottsdale since 1999, and I can honestly say that overall, The Golf Club at Eagle Mountain has been my most enjoyable experience of any course in the valley.

If you're coming to Scottsdale, don't leave town with out teeing it up at Eagle.

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